Friday, October 21, 2011


life rearranged

It's Friday, it's Friday!
I feel like doing a happy dance!

I memory of our 6 angel babies and all others that left too quickly we lit our candle.

On Sunday we celebrated my niece's 2nd birthday.
How in the world she is 2 now is beyond me.
This is Adison, my brother and Abby.

The other day, while waiting for Ainsley to get home from school, our cat Zoe decided to wait with me.
She cracks me up, you know, when she's not eating Halloween costumes.

We got some vampire teeth when we went costume shopping on Wednesday.
Ainsley has been running around growling at us since then.

This rocking chair belonged to K when he was a child {sans the pink toile}.
K's mom made the sweet fabric covers for it.
Abby is finally old enough to sit in it and it just melts my heart.


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  2. Your daughter's pic is too funny!lol

  3. lol! I love the pics! Especially vampire Ainsley!

  4. That is one adorable vampire!!