Friday, October 28, 2011


Yippee! It's Friday!
I am so ready for the weekend!
We don't have ANYTHING planned this weekend.

Last Sunday after our walk in the woods and a few errand stops I noticed this big bug on my window.
This picture cracks me up though because it looks like a giant bug is attacking our town.

I love this picture.
One, it looks like she is saying something funny.
Two, because she has pigtails.
Three, because those pigtails have gone awry.

Fall has arrived.
When my friends and I go on our morning walks, I can't help but stare at this tree.
It is absolutely beautiful.

Ainsley made this edible "eyeball" in school earlier this week.
It was so funny and at the same time gory that I just had to snap a picture and send it to K.
He got a good laugh at it too.
The funny thing though, is that when she got it out of the bag to eat it, her hands would get dirty, which would then lead to her needing to clean her hands, then repeat the process until she finally asked me to get it out for her.
Silly girl and her NEED for clean hands.

Speaking of Ainsley, here is my girl at the park yesterday.
She was so excited to play with her friends.

Hi Adison!
She was playing in these big bush/tree things.
The colors were beautiful as were the subject.

Last night, K made these beauties.
Yep, sweet potatoes on the grill.
I was a little unsure about them when he first mentioned the idea, but they were GOOD!

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