Monday, October 10, 2011

In the moment

This morning while the big girls were at school Abby and I stayed at home.
We read books and played with toys.
She tried on Ainsley's shoes and played.

We sat on the couch together and read a book that my dad got us yesterday.
Then she layed down, patted the pillow next to her and said, "Lay down."
Of course I obliged.
We lay there on the couch together with the sunlight streaming through the window.
Then she pulled the blanket from the back of the couch on us.
I then pulled it over our heads, a little makeshift tent.

She snuggled closer to me and ran her hand along the blanket, watching how it moved.
Then I ran my fingers along the blanket, she watched and cuddled.

At that moment I thought of all of the things I "needed" to get done.
Start the dishwasher
Vacuum the rug
Fold the laundry
Start another load of laundry
But then, I chose not to.
Not to do any of those things.
Not to think of those things that needed to get done.
No, not then.
None of those things *needed* to get done right then.

Right then, I belonged on the couch with my daughter and our makeshift tent.
I NEEDED to be there with her.
Not only physically but mentally as well.

I'm working on being more present.
To really be there.
Not just physically but to allow my mind to only focus on the here and now.
It's way too easy for me to get caught up in the to-do list.
To get worried about getting all of the things done.

But, you know what?
All of those things can wait.
They will get done, eventually.
Maybe not right this second, maybe not even in the next hour.
But eventually.

Because these things are just not that important, what is important are those three little girls.
Those girls that are growing up right before my eyes, seemingly overnight.
Those girls, those brilliant, magical, enchanting girls.


  1. How wonderful that you realized this before it was "too late".
    I love reading your stories. It's very warming to see how very much you love your girls and love spending time with them.

  2. I so know what you mean! I wish I could remember that those other things mean "NOTHING" in life and my littles and my family are really what "LIFE" is all about!

  3. Oh Danna it sounds so wonderful!!
    I found a new favorite creamer flavor Cinabon! OMG it is delish!