Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ainsley's barn

Forever and a day ago, I told you about Ainsley's barn AKA treasure chest.
I also took the pictures of it forever and a day ago, but then we had computer issues and I forgot about it.
Yesterday I found the pictures and am FINALLY getting around to telling you about the barn.

 This barn belonged to my brother and I when we were kids.
When my mom moved I snagged it so quickly, so many fond childhood memories.

 The barn sat for a while unused.
One day {I'm not sure when exactly}, Ainsley took it over.
She is very possessive of it, K and I honor her need to have a special place to store things.
The other girls leave it alone as well {which is a miracle!}.

 Ainsley stores her treasured items in there.
At night, right before bed, she will often implore K or I to put something in there.

 She, unlike our eldest, doesn't like taking her toys to bed.
She is too afraid of losing them.

 For my memories sake more than anything I wanted to take some detailed pictures.
Jessie, Leapster game, pen, playdough toy and lizard bracelet.

 Squinkies, which she knows have to be put up.
Mama, they're a choking hazard.

 A flashlight, a Zooble, her kitty and "lipstick."

This girl of ours is a trip.
She is so particular about things and makes K and I laugh.


  1. That is really cute! I had the exact same barn. I bought the new one for my nephew for Christmas a couple of years ago. I'm so disappointed. It is a cheap version. The doors don't open so you know nothing moos when you open it :-(

  2. We had that barn growing up too! Being the middle child she needs to have a special place for her stuff! It is great that you guys strive to give her that!