Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Thursday Morning with Abby

This morning after getting Ainsley on the bus Adison, Abby and I went up to Adison's school for Muffins with Moms.
In theory Muffins with Moms is an opportunity to eat muffins and read with your children.
In reality though there are just so many people there and the kids are so excited that their moms are there that very little reading occurs.
At least that's the case for us.
Today we managed to get a bit read, but not much.

After watching Adison head to her class Abby and I headed over to get some cat food.
We have to get cat food without certain ingredients for Lily because she has some possible food allergies.

I decided to walk on the wild side today and not get a shopping cart.
I wanted to let Abby have the opportunity to walk wherever she wanted and to look at anything she wanted.
We didn't have anything else to do this morning so we could take our time.

She kept running around the store yelling, "Look! Mama! Look!"
She would run back and forth between animals.
Then stand still for several moments before dashing off again.
{Hence some blurry pictures.}

She loved all of it and was oh so happy.
{Yep, still a pacifier. She started sucking her thumb or fingers so we gave it back.}

She so thoroughly looked at everything that nary a tear was shed upon leaving.
That surprised me, a lot.

When we were walking into the house I was surprised to see how "Fall-like" everything is.

When we got inside Abby, of course, had so shed her own shoes to don her sister's.
Ainsley's shoes are her all-time favorites.
She then had to grab a water squirter toy and say, "Squirt your back!" "I squirt you, he he he!"
P.S. no water was in the squirter, just air.

She even squirted her own feet.

This is what I have been avoiding with a vengenance.
I just don't want to fold it.
In fact, I am blogging right now in an effort to avoid it even longer.

Our morning ended with Abby going to get my "fops" {flip flops} for me to put on.
She is constantly getting me to put them on.
After that we had lunch, looking out the window time and then nap time.

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  1. I really dislike laundry! Thank goodness I do not do my own laundry! I have "a guy" that does it for me in exchange for free cooking....hey whatever works!