Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The heat thief

Ha ha, she looks positively evil in this picture!

Our most cat-like of our feline friends.

During the warm months, other than food and water, she wants nothing to do with us.
She would be quiet content to live by herself and never have any interactions.

During the cold months though, her story changes.
She becomes this clingy, desperate, needy cat.
She stalks you, her need for warmth is almost too much for her.

Zoe is tiny.
Last time I took her to the vet she weighed a whopping 3.3 pounds.
She was a stray kitten that we took in, her mom was a stray that lived in the neighborhood.

Every night the same thing happens.
I plop my weary self in bed after getting the kids in bed.
Stretch, unwind, try to find something to watch or read.
Then, without fail, a visitor shows up.
Her desperation palpable, her need obvious...warmth.

She finds someplace on my to lie down.
My abdomen, my legs, my feet, in between my legs, or if I'm laying on my side she prefers to lay on my hip.

Now, it doesn't sound too bad does it?
Who wouldn't want a little lap kitty to cuddle the cold winters with?

What I didn't tell you though, is that Zoe has the personality of an old, cranky woman.
If you move you get a look and maybe a hiss.
You adjust your legs the slightest equals attitude.
If sweet Lily hops up on the bed for some love, growling, hissing and major attitude.

The occurs all. night. long.
Her constant battle of the wills.
Yes, it's me, a grown woman of thirty years old versus a tiny 3.3 pound cat.

Can you guess who wins?

Hail to the victor.


  1. Cats always win. Which is why I don't own any :-)

  2. Haha...this post made me laugh. We are definitely a dog family not a cat family, but my parents have a cat. A cat that is very 'cat like' and strongly dislikes my dog and Karson. If you ask Karson what a cat says, he hisses. :)