Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

The Good: Abby is two!!! I simply cannot believe it, I feel like I've said that about a million times, but seriously, where did the time go??? My mom is coming in town this weekend to celebrate Miss Abigail's birthday! I'm really excited about seeing her. We got to celebrate with K's parents and my dad last weekend. It's been a birthday extravaganza for our youngest.
The Bad: K's cousin could really use some prayers, I will share more later. Adison fell on the playground today and the nurse thought her tooth might have gone through her tooth, eek! Ainsley has a weird, continuous, CONSTANT little cough.
The Funny: Last night, Abby was so cute with her birthday cake. I guess a little background would help, she is terrified of fire, candles freak her out. So, last night I was a little uncertain as to how she would feel about her candle. As soon as I walked in the room with it she gasped and said, "Oh!"

She then tried to blow out the candle about 10 times without any success.
Finally I "helped" her blow it out, which was promptly followed by "yay!" then "again!"
Which of course we did, because how in the world do you say no to that face!?!
I lit it again and what do you know, she blew it out all by herself.
Clapping, squeals of excitement and requests to do it again ensued.
I think we ended up lighting it again about five times.


  1. Happy Birthday cutie pie! I hope Ainsley's cough gets better and Adison's lip is ok too!

  2. I love that you kept lighting her candle for her. :)