Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Prayer request

I don't even know how to start this post.
The whole thing seems wrong, wrong because young, vibrant, healthy 32 year olds are not supposed to have cancer.
K's cousin, Tiffany, at 38 weeks pregnant was diagnosed with breast cancer.

K's mom's family has a strong family history of breast cancer.
They are all very vigilant about getting everything check out.

Tiffany was having some pain, went to her doctor to get it checked out.
Things moved quickly, very quickly.
Tests done daily, ultrasounds, the works.

Her precious daughter, still rolling in her stomach.
Her young son, only a few months older than Abby.

Sweet baby girl was delivered last Monday, healthy as can be.
She is such a sweet, precious gift.

My mother-in-law called last night to give us an update.
They aren't sure what it feeding her tumor.
Her's is something called a triple negative, meaning it is not estrogen, progesterone or protein fed.

They are planning on starting her on three different chemo medications tomorrow.
Today she is having an ECHO of her heart done to make sure it is strong enough to handle the chemo.

Her doctor's are not sure if the chemo will knock out the cancer, they just don't know what is feeding it.

If you could please lift Tiffany up in prayer.
We are praying for a miracle, we know that our God is capable of all things.
Please pray for her doctors, nurses and all that will be caring for her.
Please pray that that they can figure out how to kill the cancer, how to treat it.
Please pray for her husband, children and family.

Thank you so so much you guys, you are such wonderful prayer warriors!


  1. I am so sorry to hear this!!!! So so sad! Prayers sent out to her and her family!

  2. I pray that the aggressive treatment can stop the cancer and she will be able to spend years and years with her children.

  3. Oh my dear..my heart goes out to your entire family...wrapping you all in the warmest thoughts of love, health and happiness I can find in my soul. Praying they find answers and that the chemo does what it is supposed to do..

    As always, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys...You know..besides creating a KICK CANCERS BUTT group. Seriously, I am so tired of this disease hurting people. So. Tired.

    Much love, wishing and praying for the happiest of happy outcomes.. xoxo

  4. So so sorry to hear this. I am definitely keeping her and your entire family in my prayers!