Monday, November 28, 2011

Gobble Gooble and bringin' in the Christmas Fun

Why hello again!
How was your Thanksgiving?
We had. a. blast.
We spent Thanksgiving with K's family and let me tell ya, good times were had by all.

This was my plate post-copious-quantities-of-turkey-consumption.
If I could have bathed in the gravy I would have, delish!
The kids played with their cousins and the adults had fun chatting and watching the children's talent show.
Adison sang a couple of songs and Ainsley, YES Ainsley, got up and danced!

Friday afternoon, K and I headed out on shopping date with a food break at Chick-fil-a.
I LOVE eating there.
This picture of K cracks me up, he's such a ham!

Right after I snapped this picture of K this guy came out.
The first thought that popped into my head is that a huge, dancing Santa cow would flip my kids out!

We got *almost* all of our shopping done and I am beyond thrilled.
We picked up a few games and couldn't wait to take them back to K's parents' house to play them.

Surprisingly {or not} all of our children were freaked out by the game Operation.
Adison said it was too much for her {she's very sound sensitive}, Ainsley cried which then freaked Abby out and lead to her crying.
K eventually went into the other room to play a game with Adison and Abby while I worked on getting Lee over her fear of the buzzing noise with the bright red light from when she would hit the metal on the game.
I think with her it was a bit scary but she is also a bit of a perfectionist and not getting it right away was just too much for her.
Eventually I convinced her that the buzzing sound was kind of like music, which made her happy, and we practiced playing the game.
She was a bit too young for it, but ended up having fun.

Later that night we all got together again.
Pizza and a movie.
The children LOVE seeing each other!
{All 7 cousins}

We decided to head home Saturday, to give us some rest time and get our Christmas decorations up.
The sunset on the way home was gorgeous!
I wish the picture did it justice, but it doesn't.

Hey look, it's me!

The girls were so tired that they could barely keep their eyes open.
Well, Abby couldn't at all, she fell asleep before we were on the highway.
Lee somehow managed to stay awake, I was shocked.
Adison was completely out of it watching a movie.

We all went to bed really early Saturday evening and woke up ready to decorate.

I don't decorate too much for other holidays, but for Christmas we go all out.
I think I have 7 or so tubs of Christmas decorations, I can't help myself.
This year though, I showed some restraint and didn't put everything up, only most of it.

Tell me about your weekend, how did it go?


  1. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time! Your tree is very pretty! I have decided that a tree is not a good idea this year since the cat chases everything. I think the stress would get to me after picking up a tree off the floor the first time...maybe next year when he is older and lazier!

  2. Sounds like such a good week!!! A gravy bath sounds delicious :)