Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Abby's birth- ALMOST 2 years later

Since Abby's birthday is EXACTLY a week away {eek!} I thought that it was FINALLY about time to share her unique birth story.

Abby's birth was by far my most interesting.
There were all sorts of interesting things happening pretty much the entire thing.

I was induced with her as I was with the other two girls.
Due to my history of miscarriage I was induced early to avoid any placenta issues.

I went in on the morning of November 16th 2009 to have a baby.
A yet to be named baby girl.
I was so excited and nervous.

Yes, I had been through this process two times already, but the brain and body forget the pain of childbirth.

I had some pre-term labor with Abby around 35 -36 weeks.
I had gone in for a non-stress test as I had to do every one to two weeks to make sure that she was doing okay.
I had the frequent non-stress tests due to the miscarriages, my midwife wanted to insure that baby girl #3 was baking properly.

So, I was at the test while K was at home with the other two girls.
I  was hugely pregnant and the idea of laying down for half an hour to an hour while watching some TV was a brilliant idea.
Added to the fact that they brought me drinks and I had some nice adult conversations, it seemed like a win-win situation.

I had an appointment earlier in the day and was having some minor contractions/Braxton Hicks contractions.
No biggie, I had been having BH contractions quite frequently this time around.
But while laying in the bed with the jelly and monitors on my belly I started noticing the increase in frequency and pain with these bad boys.
The nurse kept an eye on things, checked my cervix and I hadn't had any change from my earlier appointment.
I had started to panic a bit. 
I had had some bloody show (TMI) earlier in the day (I never had this with my previous pregnancies) and had never gone into labor on my own, so I thought this could be the real deal.
I called K, my mom, my dad and my friend Jennifer to let them know what was going on.

My nurse called the midwife on call and they decided to keep me for another hour to see how things went.
Contractions, real contractions every five minutes or so.
Then my brain/body remembered, oh yeah, I don't like this very much.
This is what labor feels like, remember?
Oh yes, I remembered.

Long story short, I never progressed and was eventually sent home.

Fast forward to the induction date.
I was nervous.
I had a sneak peek reminder as to what labor felt like and I was not looking forward to it.
Seriously, ouch.

I get in my room and the nurse that I had requested (she was my nurse when I delivered Ainsley and is AMAZING!) would have to leave in a few hours and I would then have another nurse.

Things are moving along just fine.
IV in.
Pitocin in.
K, my mom and I having a good 'ol time.

One of the midwives comes in to break my water.
No biggie.
But this time, things seemed to take FOREVER.
I tend to have short labor.

My labor with Adison was less than 8 hours.
Ainsley about 6.
I thought the third time would be a breeze.

It took me about 3 hours to get to 5 centimeters dilated.
I know this isn't very long, but for me it was.

I decided to get my epidural.
Me + labor = back labor
Me + back labor = no thank you

The anesthesiologist comes in and we make small talk.
Yes, I've had epidurals before.
Yes, I have some complications, my blood pressure tends to plummet with any form of anesthesia.
Yes, I am ready, please please PLEASE start.

K is sitting on a chair watching this thing happen.
(He finds it fascinating.)
My sweet nurse is letting me lean on her and coaching me through the contractions.
The anesthesiologist is talking me through everything she is doing.

I'm thinking:

She attempts once, is sticking the needle too far to the left.
She tries again, still can't get it in the right place.
At this point I am telling her
It's not placed correctly, you are still to far to the left. I can feel you hitting bone.
The next time she is shoving and pushing and putting all of her weight into shoving a needle into my back and it's still not placed properly.
That seemed to go on forever, I think she ended up sticking me at least 4 times.
As she is finally getting it placed I hear a strange sound.

I look over at K and he has passed out and is doing this weird flopping thing in the chair.
The only thing saving him from hitting the floor is that he hooked his arm through the back of the chair.

I tell the nurse,
Um, my husband needs some help.

She looks over at him and calls for help.
Nurses start swarming into my room.
Tons and tons of nurses.

Our poor family was outside the room and had no clue what had happened.
They were freaking out.

K comes too, all is well and laughs are shared.
Lots and lots of laughs.
We explain everything to our family who was finally allowed back in the room, more laughter.
Turns out that each time the anesthesiologist would try she would inject stuff into my back, after she had gotten done ramming the needle in my back a bunch of stuff came out of my back and it was just too much for K to handle.

My nurse has to leave and the other nurse takes over.

Then I suddenly notice that I am not feeling well.
I'm going to pass out.
I don't feel well at all.
Seriously, I'm going to pass out.

Blood pressure is very very low.
They try calling my anesthesiologist and can't get a hold of her.
They call someone else and he comes, looks briefly and said that all was well.

Um, no.
My face and lips are white.
I feel awful.

They give me some extra fluid and I start feeling better.

Nurse checks me, 6 centimeters.
They are going to let me rest for a bit.

For some reason the nurse comes back in and asks how I am feeling.

My shoddy epidural didn't really take.
I was feeling a lot of what was going on down south.

I am having  A LOT of pressure and it's different from before.

She checks, her eyes get huge and she tells me Don't move.


You are fully dilated and the baby is coming out.

Someone calls my midwife, she's on the highway, will be there in 10 minutes.

The nurse was so afraid that I would deliver before my midwife gets there that she won't let me move and keeps her hand up there to keep the baby in.

The mood of the room at this point is very excited and a bit frantic.

A couple of people start prepping the room, another is standing at the window watching for my midwife and my nurse is standing there holding in the baby.

Finally, finally my midwife comes in.

Time to push.

I start pushing and the pressure was intense.

Just push through the pressure.

I don't WANT to push through it, I want to END. 

A few pushes later and then emerges a beautiful baby girl with the cord wrapped around her neck.

They lay her on my chest and she doesn't cry.

Rub rub rub, no cry.
Rub some more, still no crying.

They take her to the little warming table to check her out.
Everything looks good, she's a bit wet sounding so they suction her.
Still no crying.
Ointment in the eyes, still no cry.
Stats look good though.
Shot in the leg, no cry.
Rectal temperature, CRYING!

All is well.

While they were working on her I had this sudden need to name her.
She had to have a name right then.

Audrey or Abigail?

I don't know, what do you think?

Um, I don't know?

I think Abigail, it means a father's joy.

I love it, Abby.

I went from 6 centimeters to delivered in less than an hour.

Her delivery sure was exciting, ha!


  1. Love this! She has one eventful birth story! Karson's: water broke... pitocin... epidural... ... pushed 3 times... baby. :) Epidurals = fabulous!!!!!

  2. I love birth stories! This one was eventful! Glad K made it through ok...uh mean you. I am glad YOU made it through...:)