Friday, November 18, 2011


life rearranged

This week was a weird one, the days just never felt like they were in the right order.
But today, today folks is FRIDAY!
I'm really excited, my mom is coming in town!

K surprised with with my very own "BAZINGA!" shirt.
We are BIG fans of TBBT and I love wearing this shirt.

Last weekend, when K's parents were in town, we took the kiddos for a walk/hike.
This building was along the way, isn't it gorgeous!
I love architecture.
We had so much fun on the walk.
Adison was looking for vines to swing on, we skipped rocks in the river and watched Daddy Long Legs walk around.

Wednesday was Miss Abby's birthday, Lee helped me make her cake.
She helped on every step of the process, well...not anything with the oven...but the rest of it.
She is such an amazing helper and was so excited that it was Abby's birthday.

Does anyone else dread folding socks.
It is seriously the bane of my existence.
I sometimes dream about buying all white, matching socks or having each person wear a specific color of socks, that would make pairing and folding them so much easier.

Speaking of the birthday girl, Abby LOVED blowing out her candle.
I wasn't sure how it would go since she is terrified of fire, but she embraced the situation.
She didn't cry when we sang Happy Birthday either!


  1. we love TBBT at our house too!

    Love your BAZINGA Tshirt!! :o)

    love the last pic, so, so cute.

    have a great weekend!

  2. I hate matching socks too! I buy the same brand, style, color and size now each time. This way I never have missing socks because they all match and i just have to pair any two socks I grab! It would be harder for you since everyone has different sized feet I am sure!