Monday, November 7, 2011

Why, hello again!

Adison is currently making an art project with candy corns, Lee is watching some Charlie & Lola and Abby is napping.
It's a somewhat chilly, rainy, Fall day and I am more than happy that Adison didn't have school today.
How smart is that!?!
The day after a time change, there is an in-service day.
Genius, I tell you!
We have had the laziest of lazy days and have not left the house yet.
Well, later we will, we have small group tonight.

I was just thinking of the fact that the older girls HAD been getting along famously today, but just as I was typing that out an argument of the previously mentioned candy corns broke out.
Oh oh, they made peace again.
Abby turns two in 9 days.
I just don't even know how to process it.
She still seems so itty bitty to me, 2!?!

Out of the blue today Ainsley said to me:
Mama, I ate the popcorn.
It wasn't a joke.
It was funny though.
She laughed and laughed over that one.
Hearing her laughter made me smile, although I have no clue what she was talking about.
Yesterday morning we went out for donuts with my brother, sister-in-law and niece.
It was so much fun watching the kids run around and play together. 
I got a cinnamon sugar cake donut, my favorite!

Okay, I'm sorry, this post is all. over. the. place.
I had such a nice little post written in my head, but somewhere between my brain and my typing fingers it got lost.
 Oh well, tomorrow will hopefully bring with it a better post, ha!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
Please share, what did you do?


  1. Ha I read it wrong and thought you were saying Abby will be 9 in two days...LOL I thought there was a time warp going on or something!

  2. I think that donut would be my favorite, too.
    I went to the mall where there is often a boa constrictor out and about. I was terrified but needed to make this trip. I prepared myself that I'd be seeing a snake today. As I approached there this snake would be, I started my lamaze breathing. I told Dave to look ahead and see if that snake was there. I was SUPER THRILLED to see that the reptile rescue had closed. I will NEVER see a snake in that mall ever again.
    That's the highlight of my week...or even month.