Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby it's cold outside...and snowing and icey

As I am sure most everyone knows the snow is falling and we are getting slammed with it.
Not as much as my relatives up in the great state of Michigan are dealing with I am sure, but snow none the less.
Sorry, I had to give a little shout out.

But for us, this is a lot.
This has been a relentless winter.
We have already had 3 big snowstorms and this current one is a doozy.

While checking the weather reports a few minutes ago the words BLIZZARD and possible -20 windchill for tomorrow night stood out like a sore thumb.
Now, living in Kansas we see our fair share of bad weather.
Crushing humidity and heat with a side of tornadoes during the summer and bitter cold and snowy winters.
But this year, it just feels like we are getting slammed.

Adison had the day off of school, so the cupcakes and I are nestled snugly in our house.
I have spent the day playing, watching movies, tickling, dancing and making mac & cheese.
The hubs though is at work.
Praying for safe travels for him and everyone else that is out in this mess.

Much to my children's disappointment we will not being heading outside to play.
It's just too cold.

How about you?
Anyone else getting slammed with snow?


  1. Yes, I am as well. ;) Brrrr!!!

  2. It sounds like it's pretty much snowing everywhere. Same here though, it's too cold out there to play in today.

  3. Yes, and I love it. My favorite season is winter.

  4. Yes, we are here in Colorado too. We got quite a bit of snow and the current temperature is -2. But if feels like -17. OMG! I pray K makes it home safe, as well as my men. And that you all stay safe in this VERY chilly (cold) weather!

  5. Yes, and I love it. My favorite season is winter.