Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Embarrasing moments

I thought that since we are having another snow day today and I will NOT be leaving my house that it could be fun to share some embarrassing stories.
Laughter is always a good thing even if it will be at my expense.
Let's just dive right into the embarrassment shall we?
1. When we lived in Tulsa I went to a private high school.
The entire school was in the chapel for some reason.
As we were leaving, I fell down an entire set of cement stairs in front of the entire school.
Add to that the fact that I was a freshman, humiliating.

2. At same school, I was talking with one of my friends after school.
My mom came to pick me up.
I leaned over the car to tell my friend something and my uniform skirt flew up over my head when I big gust of wind blew.
This happened in front of the varsity boys basketball team.

3. When we moved to our current town while I was in high school, some friends and I went to a hockey game with some boys.
I was not paying attention to where I was going, probably because I was flipping my hair or something.
As I was talking and probably flipping said hair I walked head first into a column.
I hit it so hard that the entire thing made this really loud, "BONGGGGG" sound.

4. While in college I took a class one summer about religions.
This particular day we were visiting a Jewish Temple.
It was beautiful.
So beautiful in fact that I wasn't paying attention, tripped and sprained my ankle.
Again, in front of the entire class.

I was so clumsy as a kid that I fell up and down the stairs all the time.
It got so bad for a while that my dad made me crawl up and down the stairs...even when we had company over.

Okay, that is all I can think of for now.
I am positive that there are many MANY more.

How about you, any embarrassing moments for you?
Please share and maybe just maybe we can make another day being house-bound a lot more fun!


  1. Thanks for the sweet bday wishes! :)
    And I've totally had that skirt debaucle happen to me... I think all girls can relate!

  2. Mortified with you! Oh yes I have had many embarrassing moments though I think you've read about a lot of them! :)

  3. Sorry for laughing at your horrifying memories Danna!...but I'm laughing "with you" ^_*
    I am not very accident prone, but I have had my share of embarrassing one time in middle school during art class, a groupf of girls and I were talking about joining the cheerleading team tryouts...I wanted to show off that I could do a split, so I went to show them in the back of the room, I went for it and whhhhoooaaaakkk my pants ripped so bad, the hole on my but went all the way to the waist!! lol...thank god for crappy fashions then, I always had a plaid shirt on as a light jacket...which saved me from showing my butt to everyone for the rest of the day (art was my 1st period) you're not alone at mortifying moments *_^

  4. Thanks for the sweet bday wishes! :)
    And I've totally had that skirt debaucle happen to me... I think all girls can relate!