Thursday, February 24, 2011

A VERY brief reprieve

I have had a headache all day today and it isn't letting up.
Please forgive the fact that this will mostly be pictures.


I know that I have stated it before, but I am over winter.
Like we broke up and I don't want to speak to it over.

Yesterday, was nice.
So nice that I took the girls out for a walk after picking up Adison from school.
Not quite short sleeve weather nice, but I got a little excited and wore them anyways.
It was a mistake, oh well, you live you learn.

Just when I thought that winter might be an okay thing, it decided to slam us today with freezing rain, snow and gusty cold winds.
We are officially on the outs.
Sigh, someday winter will catch on that it is not nice to tease.
People's feelings get hurt.

Back to yesterday though and the sun.
I took the kids to a nice park and walking trail.
I decided to shake it up a bit, normally we play at the park but I wanted to be able to talk with the kids and have them interact with each other too.
Hence the walk.

They had so much fun running around and stepping on sticks.

I think Abby had just as much fun watching them, she kept laughing and chuckling.

This picture just melts my heart.

Yep, I am offically a puddle now.

Having fun crouching through the trees and sticks.

Adison is such an amazing big sister, she held Ainsley's hand while they walked through all of the underbrush and made sure that she didn't fall. I was so impressed!

Don't forget to come back this evening for the Good, the Bad and the Funny!

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