Sunday, February 27, 2011

What day is it???

This weekend has seemed like a whirlwind of activity
Fun activity, but activity none the less.

Yesterday we decided to take the kiddos out for lunch.
It was so fun and crazy and busy.
I loved it!
There was a guy there that made balloon animals and such for the kids.
The girls were so excited, there was a lot of squealing going on at our table!

Adison requested a butterfly on a flower.
The cool thing was that he could make it!!!

All Ainsley really wanted was a heart.
He had these really cute heart shaped balloons.
She was in Heaven.
The man was extra nice and made her a princess crown with ANOTHER heart on it.

Abby got a cute little teddy bear holding a heart.
She was so excited that she kept hugging it and smiling.

After that we hit up my favorite store, Target!!!
I needed to get some hair color and while there spied a book that I have been dying to get my hands on.
I was simply giddy to be getting The Pioneer Woman's new book, it didn't disappoint either.
I might or might not have stayed up until 1:00 in the morning to finish it. Yes, it was THAT good!

After that, hubs took me to get cupcakes.
We went to Billy Vanilly (it used to be called Daddy Cakes).
They had been on the show Cupcake Wars on Food Network.
Let me tell you, those cupcakes are G-O-O-D!
K got me an entire box for yours truly.
I tell ya, he loves me.

How funny is their sign!?!

A special someone named K ate the other one, he said it was really good. I am impatiently waiting to eat more of them.

While the littles slept, Adison played, K headed over to a friends house and I read my book and ate a cupcake.
That is my idea of relaxing, I enjoyed every.single.second.

Today has been a bit rough though.
Poor Abby is just miserable.
We think that she has a tooth coming in.
Plus, the diarrhea, exploding diaper thing has returned.
No matter how quickly you get that sludge off her little bum is hurtin'.
It makes me want to cry.
I am so very grateful to have her 15 month check up tomorrow, I need to quiz him on what is going on with Abby.
She is so miserable that we had to cancel going to small group tonight.
It was a tough choice to make, but homegirl is just not happy.

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