Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh what a Friday: From crazy hair to poison control

Friday started out like any other day.
Me glancing over at the clock and dashing out of bed.
The day needed to start, get kids up, fed and dressed so we could take Adison to school.
Not 10 seconds after opening my eyes did I remember that they are having Spirit Week at school and today was Crazy Hair Day.

Adison had explained to me the previous afternoon what she wanted done and it didn't sound too bad.
But, the harsh reality hit bright and early Friday morning that it was an *extra* thing to do.
Our mornings are on a tight schedule but I knew that we could make it work.

She basically wanted to wear ALL of our flower hair clips in her hair so she looked like a garden.
That was my goal and I feel like it was pretty successful.

She also wore a pink and orange butterfly shirt to drive that garden theme home.
I decided to let her wear some body spray that smelled like flowers to give her that extra something.
She looked so cute!

After dropping her off the day went according to plan.
That plan included attacking the laundry, yes I got some of it done so it didn't, in fact, grow legs and attack out fair city.

We did have a fun little outing planned for the day and we went on a picnic with some friends that included some time to play and run around at the park.

We get back home, put the baby down for a nap and Ainsley and I hang out for a bit before picking up Adison from school.

Fast forward, I get Ainsley ready to pick up Adison.
I told her to wait by the back door like I do every day.
I tell her I am going to go to the bathroom and get Abby and then we need to leave.
I was gone MAYBE 90 seconds.

As I am walking into the kitchen I immediately know that something is wrong.
Ainsley just looked off and panicky.
I ask her what is wrong and she just points to the floor over by the fridge.
I look over and just then she starts puking.
Uh oh.
I see one of out dishwasher soap packs on the floor and the package is torn open.
I look back at her and then the REAL puking begins.
To say that I was terrified could be the understatment of the year.

After she is done I ask her what happened.
She said that she took a bite of the soap pack because she thought it was food.
She clearly KNOWS that it is to wash the dishes, but she is 3 and who knows what she is really thinking.

I do the only thing possibles seeing that I now have 3 minutes to pick up Adison from school.
I wipe her up, get the kids in the car and call poison control.

They said that kids actually do this a lot because they think it looks like candy.
**I wish that I would have known this before, heads up to all of you that use these and have small children in your house.**
That she might vomit (already took care of that), have some diarrhea and be a bit sleepy from puking.
We also had to watch her for an inability to swallow, which the kind woman told me was really rare.
She also told me that those things supposedly taste AWFUL so most kids don't ingest that much of them.

Well, the diarrhea hit less than an hour later and I watched  her like a hawk for any additional issues.

Why is she so much scarier at 3 than she was at 2!?!

I have also not been letting her out of my sight for a moment, eating the soap pack is something that I NEVER in a million years thought that she would try to do, but she did. Sigh.

Today (Saturday) she is just fine and we both learned a valuable lesson.
She learned that eating a soap pack will make up puke and have AWFUL diarrhea.
I learned that my three year old cannot be trusted for even 90 seconds while I use the restroom and get her baby sister.

Seeing Adison's hair like this is amazing.
She has the straightest hair I have ever seen and it does NOT hold curl at all.
It lost all of this curl/body within a matter of hours

**All pictures were from my phone, sorry they are not the best quality.


  1. First of all - the hair looked adorable. You did a great job. I love the after affect as well :-)
    Secondly - I never in a million years would've thought about children getting into the dishwasher tabs. I'm glad she ended up being ok. When I was little, I filled my mouth with windex. My mom had spray bottles of it around the house. Some had water in them and some had windex. I grabbed one and started spraying it in my mouth. Apparently, I paid no attention to the color. I still remember the taste. I learned to start paying attention.

  2. So glad the little one is ok! I would never think they would eat that either! The garden hair idea was great! She looked adorable.

  3. I'm glad everything ended up okay. I've called poison control because of laundry detergent. no fun :(

    I LOVE the hair flowers. Darling!

    I'm following from the hop and so glad I found your blog.

  4. Cute hair! I am amazed children ever make it to adulthood with all the things that could go wrong. Thank you Lord!

  5. OMG Danna! You must have been mortified!!... I'm glad it wasn't more serious, I would have totally panicked!; I fear that under the kitchen sink we tend to keep the most dangerous cleaners and chemicals...maybe putting one of those child-clocks might work to ease your mind...I'm sure everything turned out well though....

    Adison looked so cute with her garden 'do! ^_^ I'm sure it was a hit!!

    I hope you had a more relaxed weekend! ^_^

  6. Cute hair! I am amazed children ever make it to adulthood with all the things that could go wrong. Thank you Lord!

  7. So glad the little one is ok! I would never think they would eat that either! The garden hair idea was great! She looked adorable.