Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am feeling grumpy

Warning: the beginning is super cranky/whiny.

I woke up this morning so tired.
Like I have a newborn tired.

I was awakened at 4:47 this morning.
I had that feeling that one of my ducklings or rather cupcakes was in need.
So, I layed there for a moment to try to figure out was crying.
It was my babe, Abby.

I pull my bone weary body out of bed to go soothe her and when I get there the child is practically demonic.
Something to know about Abby, while she is so sweet and cuddly she doesn't mess around when she gets upset.
This girl goes from 0-100 in something like 0.2 seconds.
She is screaming and flailing and going stiff as a board.
I try to get her back to sleep but homegirl is just not having it.
So I bring her downstairs to see if she will sleep in the crib in our room.
Finally I decide to get her some milk and see if that will do the trick.

While feeding her some milk I decide to get on the computer because if you are not sleeping at 5 a.m. what are you to do.
It was then that I discovered that it was -4 out.
I am so sick of being cold and the snow.
It doesn't matter how high you set your thermostat, when it is -4 out, it is still cold inside.

I finally get Abby to at least lay down in her bed, but then she is making all those cute baby noises and K is snoring because he is kind of sick.
I did not get back to bed until 6:00, sigh.
Then my alarm went off at 7:15.

Hence, me feeling grumpy.
OH, wait!
On top of that I am OUT of coffee creamer!
I just cannot drink coffee without creamer, I get so sick to my stomach.

Plus, it is still cold out.
And my blog button will NOT work.
I have fiddled with and tried a few different codes and it still not working.
If I didn't have three kids at home today plus my niece who will be here any moment now I think I would head back to bed to try this day all over again.

In reality, nothing big is going on, I am just feeling cranky and out of sorts.
I am, however, determined to snap out of this funk.

Okay, so I can't just post negative, my inner optimist is crying out to be heard.
1. Adison had a wonderful parent/teacher conference last night!
2. My niece is coming over today, she is such a sweetie pie!
3. Tonight, I will again be doing The Good, the Bad and the Funny
Come back and join!


  1. I'm sorry you had a bad start to your morning! This time of year, I always find it hard to be positive..February is the worst for that I think!

    Hopefully it just keeps getting better and you're able to stay positive! Spring isn't too far off..and that always makes life a little bit easier!

  2. Awesome blog! I found you through the Twitter hop!

  3. Awesome blog! I found you through the Twitter hop!