Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where does she come up with these things?

Ainsley is funny, there are no ifs, ands or buts about it.
One of the things that makes her so funny is that she is normally not trying to be, hysterical things just pop out of her mouth.
Plus, she is three, that seems to be a magical age for comedy.

This morning she was especially funny.

A: Adison and I are friends, we are on a team.

Me: Really, you two would make a great team. Maybe we should call you the "A Team"?

A: No, Mommy, my name is AINSLEY and I know EVERYTHING!
(With this one, it was the tone and conviction with which she spoke, I was rolling!)


A: Mommy, I think we should have two babies.

Me: I'm sorry honey but we are not having any more babies.

A: Well, what about three babies.

Me: Ainsley, I am sorry honey but we are not having any more babies, we are done having babies.

Ainsley: about statues? Adison and I really like statues, could we get some of those? Well, for Abby too. Could we get statues for the three of us? I really like statues!

Me: Um, Ainsley, no honey we aren't going to get any statues.

Ainsley: Um...oooh, look Mommy they have a slide.
(I have no idea where this one came from.)


A: Mommy, why do they say "Lift up your face"?
(We were listening to a Third Day song.)

Me: Well, honey, I think that they are talking about lifting your face up to Heaven.

A: Well, when we get to go to Heaven can we take a plane?

Me: I don't think so honey, but if that is how Jesus wants us to get to Heaven then we will take a plane.

A: I'm scared to go in a plane, will you sit next to me?

Me: Ha ha, of course I will sit next to you sweetie.

A: Mommy, we have to follow Jesus' insturctions.

Me: Yes, honey we do have to follow His instructions.
(She has been really curious about Jesus lately and going to Heaven, I love having these discussions with her.)


I love talking with kids this age.
It is so interesting to hear how they work through things and the way that they think that things work.
They are also really random and if you aren't paying attention you will quickly get lost.