Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cabin Fever, it's running rampant

I am having one of those floundering spells.
Nothing is really wrong, just sometimes life/stress/whatever just feels like too much.
(Luckily, the housework is not suffering from my funk, I can't stand a messy house although I do let that slide. Too complicated to get into.)
So, like I was saying, nothing is really wrong, I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed by a lot of little things.
Does that make sense?

I am blaming all of it on Winter.
The cold.
The snow that is left on the ground.
The nasty slushy, muddy stuff that used to be snow.
The sickness that comes with the cold.
The cabin fever.

I want to be out of this funk.
I want to take the kids outside to run and play so that they will get out of their funk too.
To laugh and play and enjoy each other
It just seems like this cycle of crankiness.
It's really no one's fault, it is just the nature of this time of year.

We have been trapped inside for too long and Spring is just on the horizon.
I feel like I could reach out and touch it.
It is this close.

So, enough whining on my part.
I will snap out of it and embrace the end of Winter because all too soon Summer will be upon us.
It likes to bring oppressive humidity, unreal heat and those pesky little things called tornadoes.
I know that in the peak of Summer I will be calling out for Winter because then too we will be trapped in the house.

Such is life in the Midwest.

P.S. My oh so talented hubby took all these pictures, gorgeous. Way to go babe.

P.P.S I am trying an experiment, I wonder if I actually make myself get dressed (no yoga or exercise pants) if that would help with this funk. Radical, I know. I am even blow drying my hair, this is serious people.


  1. Hi Danna!; I totally understand how you feel; winter blues are a new thing for me having just moved up here from Miami a few months ago. I have also noticed that from working at a location, to working from home, I have lost energy and have also let my dressing-up my pretty clothes for the same pj's I wake up in, or in "special" days, my workout clothes....(In hopes I actually work out, because I haven't done that since beg. of december!!)

    I think getting all prettied up will certainly make you feel better; also open up your blinds/curtains, play some fun music, and get some pretty flowering plants!...maybe turn up the heat! and actually wear spring-y clothes around the house!! Spring is really almost here and we will all get all the sunshine, grass and bugs we can handle!! ^_^

    ...Don't woryy....Be Happy !! ^_^

  2. Oh yeah...tell your hubby his pics are totally beautiful!! you should print those and display them on pretty frames as cute, meaningful decor ^_^

  3. Oh how I understand the winter blahs...I know very few people who are able to escape them...I actually started writing a little bit of a post about them this morning (in a round about way) - which basically means that we're STILL long.lost.twins. CREEPY! And AWESOME.

    It's such a hard cycle to break..but just getting outside to see the sun, or taking vitamin d supplements (or as I like to call them - sunshine happy pills) definitely can help to chase away the winter blahs..

    I completely understand life getting overwhelming and stressful..little things add up and then all it takes is one more little thing that throws you over the edge...sometimes you just need some you time to relax and unwind..going out with a friend or on a little bit of a date night..something to make you remember that the seasons will change once again and winter won't always be so blah-y :)

    Goodluck with your radical's hard..but hopefully worth it!!!! :) Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

    PS - K. has a great eye - I love the photos!

  4. We are soooo excited for the park today!! I hope the kids are feeling better and we will see you later today.

  5. I understand the need to GET OUT, but would you believe it's so warm today that I've been longing for those cozy snowy days? Don't hit me! :)

  6. Oh yeah...tell your hubby his pics are totally beautiful!! you should print those and display them on pretty frames as cute, meaningful decor ^_^