Monday, January 31, 2011

A relaxing weekend with pictures!

K and I decided to head over to his parent's house for a little visit.
K and Adison saw them last week but the other two girls and I hadn't seen them in a while and they hadn't seen Abby's new trick!
So we packed up and were off.
They only live a little more than an hour away so it was a really quick trip.
Far enough to be exciting for the girls but not long enough that we hear those dreaded four words,
"Are we there yet???"

We had a really nice weekend.
It was full of talking, food, laughing, relaxing.
With an emphasis on relaxing.
I didn't leave their house once.

On the way home on Sunday the sky was GORGEOUS!
There were these beautiful wavy clouds and the sky was the most beautiful shade of blue with pink accents.
It was after taking a few pics with my phone that I remembered the camera.
Epic score!

K focusing on the road.

Me hamming it up.

Poor Ainsley was just exhausted.

Adison was reading a book.

Abby checking out the beautiful sunset.

A cute pic of my main squeeze and myself.

To get the above picture, I first got these.
Thanks K, you are so goofy!

Now I am off to get ready for the BIG snow.
We are expecting 8 to 12 inches in the next 24 hours or so.
This will be our 3rd big snow this winter!

Be safe everyone and HAPPY MONDAY!


  1. Love your hubby's faces when driving : )

  2. Stay warm! We are waiting for more snow tomorrow and Wednesday too. I don't have any clue where we are supposed to put it?? The piles we have now are taller than me in places.

  3. Love your hubby's faces when driving : )