Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good night, Sweetheart

Last night as I was putting Ainsley to bed and she got a little chatty.
I love having that one on one time!
First we had to do her little piggies.
Sometimes she would chime in and other times she would let me do all the talking.

She had asked earlier in the night if she could take a little unicorn to bed that had been mine as a child.
So after we did the piggies and the rest of our nightly ritual she had some things that she needed to iron out.

Ains: When you were a kid did you have this unicorn?
Me: Yes, I was a little older than you.
Ains: Will you be mad if I lose it?
Me: No, I might be a little sad, but I won't be upset.
Ains: When you were little did you live with your Mama?
Me: Yes, I lived with Grandma Maggie and Silly Papa.
Ains: Oh, where did your Honey live?
Me: Honey? What do you mean?
Ains: Daddy!
Me: Ha ha ha, Ainsley, Daddy lived at home with his mommy and daddy.
Ains: Oh, he lived at home with Grandma and Grandpa.
Me: Yes sweetie, he did.

Afterwards I gave her a kiss and headed downstairs.
I told K what she said and he got a good laugh out of it too.

This has been making me smile all day today.

She is at that age where she is trying to figure out family dynamics.
She asks a lot of questions about Kirk and I when we were little kids.
Who we lived with, how old we were, when she was born how old were we and she thinks that she has always been here with K and I.

She has also been talking about getting married.
At this age, talks about marriage crack me up.
She has been wearing this scarf lately.

(Yes, this pic was posted yesterday, I can't find the camera.)

Ains asked me this morning if this was the scarf that I wore when I got married.
(We just got this for Adison for her birthday.)
When I told her no, she wanted to know if K wore it when we got married.
Again, I said said no.
She then proceeded to show me how she will wear the scarf when she gets married.

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