Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A list about Ainsley

Ainsley, my second born, has been all sorts of silly, sassy and all around goofy lately.
So much so that I felt that she deserved her own list today.

1. Last night she wanted to sleep in a laundry basket.
She even had it all ready when I went to tuck her in.
It had two pillows in it and her blanket.
I felt bad telling her no, but it just didn't seem safe.
It kept slipping and she would say, "Whoa!"

2. She tried to convince K and I that she had made her own burrito after dinner last night.
It was really just some napkins and a spoon wrapped up in aluminium foil.
She was adamant that K eat it.

3. She told me this morning that she didn't like me.
This is the first time this has ever happened with any of my kids.
I had the feeling that Ainsley would be the first to say it.
I was waiting for it.
That didn't mean that I liked it though.
She was made because I was making her pull up her own pants, SHOCKING!!!

4. She is being especially sweet to Abby lately and especially difficult with Adison.
Poor Adison just wants Ains to be nice to her but Ains is not having it.
In fact, if I were a betting person, which I am not, I would say that Ainsley is being mean to Adison simply because Adison wants to be sweet with her.
Not saying that against Ains, that is just the funk she has been in lately.

5. At Walmart today, Ains spotted an older gentleman that looked a bit like Santa.
Ainsley very loudly asked, "Mama, is that Santa?"
She said it loud enough for him to hear and he gave her a candy cane.
How cute/sweet/funny/adorable is that?

6. Ainsley has a remarkable talent for learning and memorizing songs.
You could have her listen to a song a couple of times and she will have the majority of the words memorized.
She has been singing a lot lately.
TobyMac, Taylor Swift, Third Day...pretty much everything.

7. She has been exerting her need to express her personal style.
She has always been girly, but lately it has just been cute.
Her outfits have been very noticeable and she has been cute comments from strangers when we head out.
Here is her outfit from today.
The socks are from my brother and SIL, they are adorable!!!!

8. She wants to have really long hair like Rapunzel's.
She calls it her "princess mermaid" hair.
She WILL not let you even talk about cutting it she loves it so much.

I think that is about it for now.
The day is only half over so I am positive that she will say or do something else to have me rolling with laughter.