Friday, January 7, 2011


I was getting ready before taking Adison to school. (No I don't normally do this, the little girls and I were running errands right after dropping her off.) All three girls and I were in the bathroom. K had just left for work and we were talking about the rupees that Adison was going to take to school for show and tell. So we are chatting and all of a sudden we hear, "BBBEEEEEEPPPP, BBBEEEEEEPPPP, BBBEEEEEEPPPP... K had forgotten to turn of the alarm and it had gone off. This thing is LOUD. The girls freaked out! Adison started screaming and running all over the place (she has an aversion to loud noises, they freak her out), Ainsley was just running around and Abby, well she was just sitting there smiling and watching everyone freak out. It was so funny and got the day started on an exciting note.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs. Megan put up a prayer Linky so that people can add the names of sweet little babies that are in need of prayer. I wanted to add one and went ahead to what I thought was adding Annabelle's name. Annabelle is a sweet little girl that was born with some congenital heart defects. She is just the cutest little girl and she has an amazing family. So, I thought that I was putting in my info so that I could get her blog info added to the Linky and instead it added my name to the prayer Linky. I AM SO EMBARRASSED! If anyone from Megan's blog is reading this, I am so very sorry, it was a total goof on my part.

My mom is coming up this weekend to celebrate K and I's birthdays. I am so excited to see her! I have been attempting to get the house sparkly and clean, but with a teething 13 month old, it has been a bit rough. However, the things that were on the top of my list to get cleaned are done and I am almost caught up on my laundry too. Well, you know except for folding the mountain that is currently residing on my couch.

At lunch today Ainsley ate 1/2 of a pizza all by herself! This is after she and Abby finished off an entire bunch of those mini-bananas. I think it is safe to say that homegirl is growing! She and Abby right now, wow!

I had a dream last night that it was snowing Sonic ice. It was also pink. So everywhere I looked had chunks of pink Sonic ice all over it. I would be curious to know what this means...

Okay, that is it for now. I am off to nap...I mean fold...I think.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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