Monday, January 3, 2011

I don't have anything today, sorry

Howdy folks!
I don't have much for you today, I apologize.
The hubs had the day off today and we had some grand plans.
What we didn't have planned though was to wake up with a slight stomach bug.
So, our day consisted of a quick trip to Walgreen's, Sam's Club and home to nap.
Yes, we all napped.

Abby has taken a few more steps on her own and has kind of started clapping.
Moving in the right direction!
Ainsley was sassy today but it was so cute that K and I had to hide our faces to laugh.
Adison has been a reading machine.
She is reading even more than usual.

Okay, sorry for the sad post, I am hoping to have something more entertaining and lively for you tomorrow.
I hope everyone had a calm Monday and an even better Tuesday.


P.S. One of my blogging friends found out today that they lost their baby. This is her second miscarriage. Could you please send up some prayers for her and her hubby? Thanks! You guys rock!