Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When tiredness is good

Lately I have been tired...maybe exhausted is a better word.
I find that I am running all day long.
It's a good tired though, a tired that means that the day was full of hard work and productivity.
The kind of tired where I am in bed as soon as the little girls go to bed, I lay there like a lump watching a bit of television and then fall asleep at the time that adults do.
I had been staying up late, like an unmarried, non-parent, college student.
Secure in the fact that my daily nap would occur and coffee would be consumed.

Ah coffee, you are so delicious with your tasty creamers and caffeine laden self, I love you.

Now though, naps are no more, unless it is the weekend and K takes over afternoon duty so I can sleep.
While my days before will filled with the sounds, sights and touches of children, my days now are even more full with the care of a 6 month old as well.
How quickly I had forgotten all that a 6 month entailed and how quickly it came back.
The gummy smiles, the slobbered on shoulders, the joy at seeing them roll over and babble.
Watching little baby B has been such a wonderful experience for all of us.
We are all enjoying having her with us during the day and the girls are so excited for her to come over in the morning.
Most mornings I hear Abby with her charming toddler voice coo, "Aww, B is so cute!"
This has been such a blessing for us.
Abby is doing even better than I thought she would.
She is such a little mama, she likes to help and has shown very little jealousy.

Tiredness + joy = contentment

 Other things

1. Have you heard about #TeamAmelia?  Little Amelia, who is 3 years old, was denied a kidney transplant due to being mentally delayed. Please read her mom's blog post about this and please sign this petition.

2. Please pray for my father-in-law, he had surgery on Friday to repair a hernia.

3. Do you guys have any prayer requests? I would love to have the opportunity to pray for you.



  1. Signed the petition...heard about it from life.rearrange's post on fb this weekend. Horrible. The amazing thing...in the time it took me to fill it out...1,000 others filled it out as well. :)

  2. Good tired is definitely a good feeling - a sense of accomplishment sometimes.
    Prayers coming your way for the FIL - hope all goes well.
    My request is for myself - I have a doc appt next Tues for my first mammogram - very early in life due to the fact that my mom had breast cancer in her early 30s. I'm quite nervous!

    Thanks - have a great rest of the week!