Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A prayer update

I'm sorry I haven't updated you sooner on K's cousin, Tiffany.
We have been waiting for some test results and my mother-in-law called me last night to give us an update.
Tiffany does, in fact have Bracca 1.
The chemo is shrinking the tumor, praise the Lord, however the chemo is grueling.
They are having to space out her time in between chemo sessions because it is so hard on her body.
Please please please be praying for Tiffany.
For the chemo to work, for the cancer to be gone, for her life.
For her body to be able to fight this, for her husband, her precious children, her family.

On top of all of that, Tiffany's grandmother has been diagnosed with kidney cancer.
She had to have some sort of a shunt put in and then subsequently got pnemonia.
The doctor's have had to put off taking out the tumor in her kidney so that her lungs can heal.
Please pray for Tiffany's mom, Charlene.
I cannot imagine having your daughter and mother both fighting this terrible disease at the same time.
This family is going through a nightmare.
K's grandmother and great-grandmother both passed away from breast cancer.
We have known this and my mother in law has been trying to get the genetic test done to see if she carries the Bracca 1 gene.
However, her insurance company will not approve it.
They have asked again and were again turned down.
Tiffany's doctor is sending some paperwork to my mother-in-law reinforcing the need to get the test done.
Please be in prayer that the insurance company will approve this.
We are praying that my mother-in-law is not a carrier, but if she is then K and his sister, Anna, will also need to be tested to see if they are carriers as well.
I pray that everything is negative, the idea of my daughters having to go through this is terrifying.

My heart is aching for this family.
Please lift them up, surround them in prayer.