Friday, January 20, 2012


I am thrilled it's Friday!
I am so ready to not hear my alarm go off at 6:30 in the morning!
{Not that I will sleep or anything, my internal clock will probably go off at 7, but at least it's not that blasted alarm, right?}
Okay, since it's Friday that means that it is time to share your cell phone pics over at Life.rearranged.
Link up and share!
life rearranged

Homemade pizza on Tuesday.
It was seriously so good!
We have talked about making every Tuesday a homemade pizza night now.
I can't wait for next Tuesday, maybe tomorrow night we can pretend that it is Tuesday as well.

My two addictions...loves...tasty treats.
Coffee and a large Coke from Sonic.
They seem to make my day so much happier.

Last Friday night, K and I took the girls out to a new Chinese restaurant.
It was soooo good, the chicken and mushrooms, delish!
Wouldn't it be great if this one came true!

We have had some seriously gorgeous sunsets lately.
They take my breath away with their beauty.
The girls and I love to look and talk about them.

Abby loves to look at books.
The other morning she insisted on "reading" my daily devotional.
I'm starting her young!

I feel like this is a "Where's Waldo" moment, but, can you see the tiny rainbow in the sky.
I was picking up Adison from school the other day and spotted this little beaut.


  1. That pizza looks DELICIOUS! :D

    1. It was soooo good, I am dreaming of making it again, ha ha!

  2. I'm still staring at the bottom photo trying to spot the rainbow, lol!! :)

  3. Hi Danna! Tag you're it! Hope you will play!

    1. I definitely will, I am planning on doing it tomorrow. Thank you so much Nikki!