Monday, January 30, 2012

Prayers for a woman in my town

Today, while Abby was eating lunch, baby B was playing and Ainsley was helping me cook, I heard a loud bang.
It was so loud that I thought that someone must have hit our house or something along those lines.
I checked out front, then out back and finally called K to tell him what had happened.

About half an hour later I missed a phone call from my dad, he left a voice mail asking me if I had heard the explosion.
I promptly looked it up online and found out that a house exploded over four miles away from our house.
They are saying that a sprinkler system was being installed and the gas line was struck.

An elderly woman was inside the home when it occurred.
I've seen video footage of the home and simply cannot imagine what that woman has been through.
I am praying for her, praying that she is okay.


  1. Oh no! Praying!!! How awful!! :(

  2. Thanks Beka, we haven't hear much else other than she is in serious but stable condition.