Monday, January 9, 2012

The Laziest Weekend EVER!

We seriously had the laziest weekend ever.
It was glorious.
I didn't get out of my pajamas all day Saturday and
didn't leave the house at all.
Yep, you me right, not once all weekend.
I even napped on Saturday, a serious, I-slept-in-my-bed-with-the-lights-off-for-two-and-a-half-uninterrupted-hours-and-no-one-woke-me-up.
For reals.

It was nice to have a down weekend.
We didn't have anywhere to go or anything to do.

K left the house once to get me a Dr. Pepper, how sweet is that!?!
Sigh, he's a sweetie.
Even with all that laziness relaxing going on we did manage to take down the rest of the Christmas decorations, so long tree, see ya later nativity, I can't wait for next year!

To have time to relax, to enjoy down time with the family was rejuvenating.
Life is busy busy busy, but to make a conscious effort to stop and take a break is key to my sanity.

Sunday was nice as well.
Hot bath, a good book, kiddos to snuggle with, hubby to talk with.
That made my day perfect!

Oh oh, Sunday got even better because there was an NCIS marathon running.
Sunday night ended with kitty cuddles {that's Chloe's back} and some Jethro Gibbs.

Good times!


  1. I had a super lazy weekend too...and I loved every minute of it! Of course I couldn't go to sleep last night until like 1:30 (or this morning whatever) because I napped so much yesterday. Oh well! :) Glad you enjoyed yours too!

  2. I LOVE LAZY DAYS! :) :) :)

    OOOO..... yes! I sure do!

  3. Love lazy weekends...and pictures of sleeping babies!! So cute!!

  4. Lazy days can be the BEST days ever!! QT with family... nothing beats that!

  5. That sounds AHMAZING!!!! Oh what I would give for a lazy weekend.