Friday, January 13, 2012

It was a happy New Year

I originally wrote this post on January 2nd, but somehow missed posting it. Sigh.
Things have been super busy lately, between the kids, being on different committees for Adison's school and I am now watching some friends of our darling little girl, it has been crazy.
Crazy in a good way, a really good way, but still crazy, ha! 

This past weekend K and I celebrated our birthdays.
Since my mom and step-dad live a bit too far to make it for Christmas, we decided to combine the two.
The girls had. a. blast.

My step-dad is amazing with them.
He took them out to do some mole scouting and patiently listened to all of their stories.
He was great with them.
Seeing my mom with my kids is a blast.
I never realized how many things that I say that she also said.
It's really funny.

Adison, Pappy and Max.
I think that Adison would have been more than happy to have cuddled with Pappy the entire weekend. 

On Saturday {K's birthday} we headed across the border to Oklahoma to enjoy one of my childhood favorites, Goldies.
Adison and I shared a humungous plate of chili cheese fries.

How cute is this!?! 
The kids spent the majority of the weekend rocking on it.

The birthday couple on Saturday night.

We had beer can chicken for dinner on Saturday.
The look like they're fighting.

How cute are these skirts???
My mom got them for the little girls for Christmas.
I love the princess, biker look.

Ainsley was watching my mom act goofy.
She didn't know what to think, ha!
Ainsley was sporting her new princess pajamas, they are already a favorite.
Because, Ainsley likes pink and princess.
Those are her words.

This was goodbye.
Waving goodbye to my mom was hard, but seeing her smile so happy made it better.
My mom and I are best friends, we talk about everything and I so enjoyed spending time with her.
Just chatting and catching up over a cup or two...or three of coffee while the kids played and the men talked was lovely.

I'm ready to do it again!

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