Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

The Good: we are all getting over our cold, now I am just praying that K doesn't catch it. K's cousin, Tiffany, is half-way through her chemo treatments and the tumor is shrinking, praise the Lord! The kiddos are all doing really well and loving on baby B. Abby was so cute this morning, we she saw that B was here she starting jumping up and down while clapping and screaming.

The Bad: I got a phone call from Ainsley's teacher, Mrs. B, saying that Ainsley cried the entire bus ride to school this morning because she thought that she had lost her scarf. I told her that she had dropped it on the floor in the living room, so Mrs. B relayed the message then Ainsley got on the phone. Poor baby was still upset and I reassured her that I would put it away and she could get it when she got home. Apparently Lee was still upset and walked away from the phone so Mrs. B got back on the phone and I told her that if she was upset later that I would bring it up to her. I never heard back, her teachers are AMAZING!
The Funny: I think today it should be called "The Sweet". This morning after dropping Adison off at school Abby was singing away in the van. I sat there, trying to figure out what she was singing. It was "Jesus Loves Me". It is the sweetest sound ever to hear my itty bitty two year old singing "yes, Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so".


  1. The stories about your girls are so precious! They seem like the sweetest little things, not to mention they are cuties.

  2. PS - glad to hear that K's cousin is doing better! I said prayers :)