Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I complain (but not in the post)

Silly picture of me from forever and a day ago.

I complain.
I do.
Am I proud of it, no.
I also have a flair for the dramatics and I tend to be sarcastic too.
Whew, I feel better now.

One of the perks for me with writing this blog is that sometimes I feel as though the Lord is revealing things to me through it.
This morning, I was trying to think of what to write about today and it hit me.
Not literally, figuratively.
Write about gratitude.

Last night after K and I got the kids to bed, I was complaining to him about the HUGE mess that the kids had made.
Normally the mess doesn't bother me.
It happens.
We have kids.
But yesterday I wasn't feeling well and just didn't feel like dealing with the mess.

Two seconds after I said this to him I had an epiphany.
At least we have three kids.
At least we have a house.
At least I am able to pick up the mess myself.

How often do I complain about something when I really should be grateful to have it.
So what if my kids made a mess, I have three thriving, intelligent, funny, sweet, healthy, lovely children.
So what if my house is messy, at least I have a house.
At least my children have toys that they can make a mess with.
At least my children choose to play together with the toys that they have.

How often do I find myself complaining about money or health or whatever???
At least we have enough to provide for our children and we always have a meal and snacks and whatever else we need and sometimes want.
Or I complain about getting sick.
I am complaining about a COLD!!!!
How many other people out there are really sick.
Or their children are.
How many other people are really faced with life and death decisions and my biggest complaint is a sore throat or whatever it is.

I am not trying to be down on myself.
I am human.
I am flawed.
Shocking isn't it!
Sorry, the sarcasm and drama came back again.

What I am really trying to say is that I am going to work on changing my heart.
I am going to focus on what we have and we have a lot and are oh so very blessed.
I am going to focus on the positive and work on the gratitude.

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