Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A letter to Abby on her birthday

Dear Abby,
I can hardly believe that you are a year old!
It seems as though you have always been here.
An integral member of our family of five.
When you came into our lives, it felt like you were the final piece of the puzzle that we were not even aware was missing.
You complete us.

The joy that I feel is immeasurable.
You are just an amazing child.
I could sing to the mountains of your amazing qualities.

You are just the sweetest girl!
You melt me like butter.
At times, I feel like it cannot be possible for someone to feel this much.
I am constantly telling your Daddy how amazed I am by you.

Speaking of your Daddy.
He loves to play with you.
He tickles you and you love to climb all over him.
When he leaves a room, you crane your little neck so you can watch him.

You love your big sisters too!
Adison LOVES to read you books.
You love to snuggle with her.
Ainsley LOVES to play with you.
You love to follow her around.
I have the feeling that you two will get into some mischief!

We are so very grateful to God for blessing us with you.
He knew what a perfect fit you would be to this family and we are so very happy.
You are such a gift!

You love to laugh and be held.
You love to smile and talk too.
You have already shown us that you have quite the stubborn streak and throw MASSIVE temper tantrums.
Daddy and I have to try not to laugh.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!
We love you so very much!

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  1. So cute!! You have the sweetest girls! I love her cheeks, by the way!