Sunday, November 7, 2010

Float a boat

Abby hugging Chloe

This afternoon Abby threw a temper tantrum of epic proportions.
She got so mad at me.
Would you like to hazard a guess at my offense?
Please guess.
I actually expected her to hold her own bottle.
Yes, I did.
I tried to get my almost one year old to hold her own bottle.
Oh the humanity!
So, after she calmed down and gave me the stink eye several times, she decided to eat...25 minutes later...
while I held the bottle.

Just as she was finishing up, I hear a little Ainsley voice say, "Watch Mama, I float a boat."
I look over at my dining room table and my darling angel of a three year old had dumped an ENTIRE glass of milk on my table.
She had then proceeded to tear up her peanut butter sandwich and "float" it in the milk.
Yes, there was enough milk for her "boat" to float in.
It had gone all over my upholstered dining room chair and had pooled on the rug below.
She was proud of her self, PROUD!
She giggled and thought it was HYSTERICAL!
Seeing how proud of herself she was actually helped me to not get upset.
Not one bit.
We cleaned it up.
When I say "we" I really mean K and I.
She then proceeded to apologize several times.

How was your Sunday?
Did any boats float in your house?

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