Monday, November 15, 2010

15 things on the 15th, a thankful list

I borrowed this idea from Laura, thank you!
Plus, this goes along with my post from last week.
Isn't it nice when things work out this way?

  1. My faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. He is my reason for everything.
  2. My hubby, he is a hard working, laugh inducing, smile maker, hugger and all around top-notch guy. He makes my heart go pitter patter.
  3. My three little munchkins. They are constantly amazing me. They are funny, sweet, loving, compassionate people. They have such a love for one another, what I dreamt of.
  4. My amazing family. They are such wonderful support and can make me laugh like no other!
  5. Wonderful friends. Those people that when they stop by don't mind seeing dirty dishes in your sink and a mess on the floor. They love my kids and cherish each moment like we do.
  6. Adison's teacher at school. Her teacher is AMAZING! She appreciates Adison for who she is and doesn't try to make her something that she isn't. She has taken the time to figure out what makes Adison tick.
  7. Ainsley is loving "school" at home. She is so excited to learn that she wants to keep at it all day.
  8. Abby's birthday is tomorrow! My baby will be one!
  9. Our L3 journal, I am learning so much and digging deep in the Word.
  10. Health and contentment.
  11. A warm house that we can make memories in.
  12. Our small group or what we like to call our wee-group. It has been such a blessing in so many ways.
  13. That K and I got to celebrate our anniversary early. We went to see TobyMac, Third Day, Michael W. Smith and Max Lucado, it was AMAZING!
  14. For a wonderful lesson learned in a very loving way.
  15. For having this outlet to express myself and loving to meet and converse with old and new friends.

The pretty tree in our front yard, the picture does not do it justice.


  1. Great post! You have a lot to be grateful for...thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi! I like you're blog. So cute. I found it through MckMama's community! Looking forward to reading you :)