Thursday, November 4, 2010

Imaginary friends...disappeared?

Ainsley's imaginary friends seem to have disappeared.
It makes me kind of sad.
I have the feeling though that they will make a return...I will have to keep you posted.
When I was a kid I remember wanting an imaginary friend.
I just didn't have a very active imagination, I couldn't keep it going.
Still don't, kind of sad.
I think it makes me appreciate other people's creativity that much more.

Adison though is still talking about her imaginary Pokemon that follow her around.
For her I think it stems from a love of Pokemon.
She loves it so much that she wishes it could be true.
Why not go with it, you are only young once. Ya know?

***In other news***

She is almost 1!

Where did this little baby go?

Can you believe THIS is her?
(The little one, the big one is me silly!)

My baby is turning ONE in less than two weeks.
I am trying to prolong this as long as humanly possible.
I have yet to master the whole "time manipulation" thing down though.
She does seem to be growing up WAY too quickly.
I am not ready for it yet.
Please time, sssslllloooowww ddddoooowwwwnnnn!
I am just so madly and deeply in love with my kiddos, I want to enjoy them and keep them all for myself.
Well, K too of course.
But, I am not ready for them to grow up.
If I could I would keep them my little babies for as long as possible.
What? You mean that's not possible????
Oh well, I will then enjoy them as much as possible and teach them all that I can so that they can be the best people that they can be.

Okay friends, it was nice sharing today, I am off to cuddle my quickly growing darlings!

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