Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An imaginary friend(s)

Adison has decided to have some imaginary friends.
They are of course Pokemon.
She normally has three of them following her around and riding on her shoulder.
Ainsley has picked up on this idea and she now has one too.
Ains has now reached the stage of copying Adison because Adison is OF COURSE the most amazing person in the ENTIRE world!

Hers follows her around.
Ainsley said that hers is a mama.
This went on all morning long.

I learned very quickly that there is an upside to an imaginary friend.
Listen very carefully.
1. Your friend said that she wants you to eat your breakfast so you can play.
2. Your friend said that she doesn't like it when you use your sassy voice. It makes her sad.
3. They give your child something other than whining to think about.
4. This list is really has endless possibilities.

We went out this morning to get a Christmas tree.
(Click on the above to see yesterday's post.)
We get a fake one due to hubby's allergies.
This is fine by me as we always had a fake one growing up.

ANYWAYS...we hurried off to my favorite store in the world to look at trees.
Ainsley was so pleasantly occupied by her imaginary friends that I was able to look at trees and some of the Christmas stuff they had out for a couple of minutes.
That is until we walked by the toy area and then all bets were off.
That girl loves to look at some toys.
Plus they now have all of that interactive demo stuff now.
She was in Heaven.
Abby was in Heaven.
The entire time Abby sat there and said "Wow" over and over.
It was a first!
I am fulfilling my parental role of passing on the love of Target from mother to child.
My Mom passed it on to me, it is only right that I pass it on the my girls.
I take this responsibility very seriously.

Wow, I got WAY off track.
Back on subject.
I was thinking this whole "imaginary friend" thing was a good idea until Ainsley MELTED down  when we were pulling out of Target's parking lot because one of her "friends" had hopped out of the car and we were leaving her there.
I finally convinced Ains that her friends were in the car when I realized that her "imaginary friend" had now become "friend-S".
When did this happen?

All I know is that when I tucked Ains in for her nap I had to kiss five little imaginary "Pikachus" to bed too!
She was happy to have all five of her babies with her!


  1. Oh my gosh.. I would not know what to do about imaginary friends. I know I had one when I was little but just randomly outgrew him? I'm sure I had a melt down or two because he wasn't doing what I wanted though. :)

  2. That is awesome. None of my kids have come up with imaginary friends....what's wrong with them? ;-)