Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hello Saturday

This morning, I awakened to the sound of toy tubs being used as drums.
A few seconds later, I heard the sound of my baby crying.
This could be the beginning of a rough day, but low and behold it ended up being quite nice.
After getting ready this morning, hubby took us out for some breakfast.
That was followed by some grocery shopping.

The day was beautiful, but with Ains having a serious cold we knew that spending the day outside just was not going to happen.
So, we decided to head over to Cabela's.
Why you might ask, well...why not.
Hubby had his eye on a some merchandise and it was calling his name.
If you listen carefully you can hear it...
There it is again, did you hear it?

While K checked out the merchandise the girls and I checked out the wild life.
They had all sorts of thing there to keep three little girls quite occupied.
Ainsley and Abby LOVED seeing the live rainbow trout.
For a quarter you could get some fish food and feed them.
All three girls loved it.
(I did not let Abby feed the fish as she is not even one yet and would probably try to eat the food. She did have fun watching the older girls though.)
Adison's favorite was a laser shooting game, a child after her father's heart.
Ains was terrified of this as there were all sorts of strange noises.
It was a wonderful way to spend the day.

Tomorrow looks to be a fun day as well.
I will see you then.
Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. I just wanted to be a deer. Hey did you see the mounted deer at Cabela's?

  2. There were A LOT of deer at Cabela's!

  3. I just wanted to be a deer. Hey did you see the mounted deer at Cabela's?