Friday, November 26, 2010

I had pie for breakfast

I did.
I had a slice of warm pecan pie WITH whipped cream on it for breakfast.
It was glorious!
I decided to be a fun mom and let my kiddos have some pumpkin pie with their breakfast.
Of course they had a nutritional breakfast before, think of it as dessert after eating their breakfast.

We have had a glorious day.
Other than the fact that I have done approximately 7 loads of laundry since yesterday.
That is less than a week's worth.

The girls and I have hung out, played and watched some cartoons.
And folded laundry, me not them.

I might also be considering eating another piece of pie.
It is simply too good to not eat.

Happy Friday everyone!
What are your weekend plans?
Mine apparently involve eating copious quantities of pecan pie, yum!

Oh, and the tree will be going up soon!
I am determined.


  1. My kids all had pumpkin pie for breakfast too! Now if I'd made a pecan pie I would have been tempted! :)

  2. I have totally fed my kids pie for breakfast. Jake even had cake this morning! It's ok ocassionally, I think. We put our tree up on Friday...beat ya!!