Monday, February 27, 2012

We went on a walk and found a dog

Yesterday afternoon, after naps {two naps in two days for me, score!}, while K was helping a friend hang some sheet rock, the girls and I went for a walk.
Nothing big, just a walk around the neighborhood and down to the neighborhood park.

They played on the swings, then the monkey bars, the carousel, the teeter totter and back again.

Adison worked on her skateboarding.
She is determined to get it figured out.
Ainsley, well, bless her heart, poor girl has caught a cold.
She really wanted to go on the walk though, so I brought the double stroller.
She had moments of perkiness, especially while at the park.
Abby, well, homegirl is full of vim and vigor with a heaping side of sass.

Momma, we can leave in three minutes!
I had told them two.
Momma, I do it by myself, you stand here.

When we were about to head home a cute little beagle was running around the park.
It had obviously gotten out of someone's yard and was having a great time running around sniffing all the new smells.

One thing to know about my girls is that they are all animal lovers.
Dogs though, they LOVE dogs.
So seeing this cute little pup run around was beyond exciting.
Abby could hardly contain her excitement and was adamant about her need to pet the dog.
The dog however had different ideas.

Those ideas being: run around sniffing everything

staying just out of reach of the kids wanting to pet it
stay close enough to us that the girls thought that they were going to get to pet it

At one point Abby was so worked up about the dog that she plopped down on the middle of the sidewalk refusing to go one step further.
Fortunately for me, I can still pick her up and buckle her in the stroller.

We get home, Abby crying most of the way for the dog, when guess who shows up on our back porch?

Yep, the pup.


  1. I was totally waiting for you to post the question: "Mom, can we keep it?" :)

    1. I was waiting for that question too! Luckily it didn't come although they were asking about getting a dog. Sorry kiddos, not going to happen :)

  2. Uh oh you are not the proud new owners are ya? LOL

    1. ha ha, nope. K would flip out! The beagle was soooo cute though!

  3. The dog could sense the LOVE from the girls. :) Cute post.