Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cupcake Happy Vol. 3

Yesterday afternoon I took Adison to get new soccer cleats and get Ainsley's new ballet attire.
Cleats- check
Leotard- check
Tight- check
Ballet slippers- check

It was such a neat moment to watch Ainsley pick out her ballet things.
I took ballet when I was younger and always loved it.
Seeing all of the pink, black and white brought back so many fond memories.

After we got home Abby declared that she wanted some ballet slippers as well.
I had found them for such an amazing deal that K and I decided to get her some as well even though she isn't old enough yet to do ballet.
I told her that we would go in the morning after baby B got to our house.

 Fast forward to this morning.
Both big girls are at school.
Baby B has arrived.

I got B buckled into the car when I smell the unmistakeable smell of dirty diaper.
I decided that rather than get B back out of the car and head back into the house that I would just change her in the van.
Ah, the glory of having a van, such an easy place to change a diaper.
I get the diapers and wipes out, lay Abby down and get to changin' the stink.
Abby found my keys, I had forgotten to put them on the front seat like I always do.
Abby is obsessed with keys lately, I should have known that she would have zeroed in on them.
While changing the diaper I hear that she pushed the button to open the trunk door and promptly took them away and put them where they have been, on my seat.
I finished up changing the diaper, buckled Abby into her seat, shut the door and headed over to throw away the diaper.
I thought about leaving the door open because the weather was GORGEOUS but decided against it.
I went to get in the car, and you guessed it, the door was locked.
Okay, maybe I forgot to unlock it and instead only opened up the back door.
Then I tried opening up one of the back doors, locked.
Oh no oh no oh no.
Then I tried opening up the trunk thinking I could climb over the seats, locked.
Oh no oh no oh no.
What am I going to do?
Ok, calm down, call K.
The weather is nice, the kids are okay.
Oh no oh no oh no, my phone got locked in the car.
Oh, I know, I'll ask the neighbors if I can use their phone.

K, I need you to come home right now!
I accidentally locked the keys in the van and the KIDS ARE IN IT!
Honey, I just need you to come home RIGHT NOW!

At this point B is happily sitting in her carseat playing with a toy.
Abby, well, that's a totally different story.
Homegirl was so mad that she took off both of her shoes, one of her socks and was crying.
She was ticked.
Mama, get in the car.
Honey, I will in a few minutes, Daddy is going to come home and open the door for me.
Finally K got home.
Relief, sweet relief.
B never shed a tear and acted as though nothing had happened.
Abby, well, she quickly got over it.
Me, I felt/feel awful.
I called B's mom to tell her what had happened and praise the Lord she was fine with what had happened.

I think that I will be going to bed early tonight, today has had enough drama.

So, cupcake happiness.
For K, Abby, B, B's parents and my sweet neighbors, thank you!
I am so grateful that the weather was so mild for February, thank you Lord!

Lesson learned: always always always keep the keys away from Abby.
Also, always keep your phone in your pocket. 


  1. I've been there. When I was in college, I locked two babies in my car. They were 14 and 24 months. As soon as they realized something was wrong, they both started screaming and didn't stop. I called their dad (This was back when only the rich important people had cell phones and I had the mom's since she was with the dad), and he rushed right there. Fortunately, campus security was able to get the door unlocked. I called the police and they were happy to come out and help me break my window. Uh no thanks. I can do that myself.
    Unfortunately, it was a VERY cold January day. But thankfully, all ended up ok. Except that dad was really mad at me. I was friends with them so I didn't really care about him ;-)

  2. Oh no Mari, that's so scary! What a relief that campus police was able to unlock the car, especially since it was so cold! Thank goodness for cell phones!