Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ainsley's big day

Ainsley has been waiting forever to get her ears pierced.
For some reason we came up with the idea of telling her she could get her ears pierced next time it snowed.
Don't ask me why, I have zero clue where it came from.
Ainsley grasped onto that piece of information with a vengeance.
Every once in a while, Ainsley with her at times squeaky voice would say I'm getting my ears pierced next time it snows!
Excitement all but bubbled over.
She was not anxious for the snow to arrive, knowing that it eventually would.
K and I were starting to get a bit worried about a real snow fall as this winter has been odd, little snow, no snow storms yet.
We even started talking about alternate plans, we just knew that we needed to get it done before swimming lessons begin this summer.
Anyways, back on topic: snow
We waited and waited for the powdery white stuff, Ainsley though was cool as a cucumber.
I'm getting my ears pierced next time it snows!

Last Monday morning it had finally arrived, SNOW!
Jumping up and down and sqeals of delight could be heard in our home that morning.
Adison joined Ainsley in her whoops of delight.
They were both so stoked that Ainsley finally got to have her ears pierced.

We told her that Saturday would be the big day.
We counted down the days and sang the days of the week song multiple times a day to remind her of when Saturday would occur.

In 5 days you can get your ears pierced.
In 4 days you can get your ears pierced.
In 3 days you can get your ears pierced.
In two days you can get your ears pierced.
Lee! Guess what!?!? You get your ears pierced tomorrow! 

This morning I was chatting with Ainsley and I asked her:
Hey Lee, guess what you get to do today?
Um, go to school?
No baby, something else.
Oh, how about go to church?
Yes, we have church tonight, but what exciting thing do you get to do today?
You get your ears pierced!

We get ready, head out and get to the mall.
I could tell that nervous anticipation had started to kick in.
She vacillated between skipping up and down to absolute silence.

Ainsley picked out her earrings, pink sparkly flowers.
I wasn't surprised, you?
The lady working there informed us that she would have to pierce Ainsley's ears on at a time because she didn't have anyone else there to help.
I wasn't sure what to do, but K and I decided that the lure of sparkly earrings would probably do the trick.

While I was filling out the paperwork Lee was anxiously awaiting the experience.
She was so nervous but sat in the chair so patiently.
Her only request was that I hold her hand, asked with tears in her eyes.
{Aw, my girl melts me y'all!}
K and I told her that she would have to get them pierced one at a time and she was totally okay with it.
I was a little unsure but we went with it.

This was taken mere moments before the first ear was pierced.
Ainsley jumped so high and promptly burst into great big tears.
It broke my heart.
She kept saying how much it hurt but she was adamant about getting the second one pierced.
She sat through the second one, tears freely flowing.
The sweet lady who pierced them showed her what they looked like in a hand-held mirror and offered her a lollipop.
Lee tearfully accepted the lolli, but had little interest in how they looked.

We got her off of the chair and over to a big mirror.
After talking her into taking a few deep breaths and encouraging her to calm down, Baby it's probably feeling better already and if you took a few deep breaths you could feel that.
*sniffle sniffle* It is better Mama.

She looked at herself in the mirror with Adison and beamed at her reflection.
Do I look older Mama?
Yes, Ainsley, you do! 
Yeah Ainsley, said Adison, look at how big you look now!
{Adison was so sweet and encouraging.}

Moments later she was telling us all how they didn't hurt at all anymore.
Look at this face, she was so excited!

Afterwards she was telling everyone that she got her ears pierced.
She even asked a girl on the way out of the mall if her ears were pierced too.
At church she was telling everyone she knew and even some that she didn't.

You guys, she is seriously so very excited.
I'm loving how proud of herself she is.

I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend!


  1. Wow what a brave girl! I hate getting my ears pierced and I have done it many many times!
    I thought for sure you were going to say she had one ear pierced. LOL Yeah Ainsley!

  2. Oh wow! This brings back the memory of getting my ears pierced. A short 30 years ago. My mom took me with my best friend (who is still my best friend) and her mom. I remember screaming, but I don't remember if it truly hurt or not. (I screamed at the doctor if I simply thought he was going to touch me. I'm a NO pain tolerance girl.)
    I remember thinking I was big stuff when I'd have to clean the earrings and my ears in alcohol and/or peroxide.
    My grandma always bought me the cutest earrings. I had Annie, little tiny frogs, ice cream cones with rainbows...
    And I still have them. Although, I can't wear earrings anymore. My ears are just too sensitive and having something stuck through them is extremely irritating. My husband doesn't complain about not having to buy me jewelry ;-)