Saturday, February 11, 2012

A typical morning

A typical morning starts with my alarm going off, me groaning that it could possibly be morning already and then rolling out of bed.
I usually get ready before the children get up, otherwise it just won't happen until much later.
Soy milk warmed up for Abby.
Adison's lunch put in her backpack.
Head upstairs.
Take down the baby gate.

Good morning
Good morning
And how are you today?
Good morning
Good morning

That's our morning song that we made up ages ago, I honestly don't even remember how it came to be.
But, came to be it did and it is firmly and lovingly included in our morning routine.

{I secretly always hope that I am able to wake them up so I can hear their little waking up noises.
However, most mornings, as soon as the singing begins I hear It's Mommy! Mommy's here!

Adison, curled up in a little cocoon of blankets, hair splayed all over, tickles given along with the proclamation It's time to get up!
Okay, okay, I'm awake. 
Then she stumbles downstairs in search of breakfast.

Ainsley, feet hanging off of her bed, usually in a planking position, pretending to be asleep.
Tickles given to the back and sides, then a giggly voices says I'm awake! I'm awake!
Smiles then excitedly asking if she has school that day.
Abby, usually awake, ready to start the day. 
Pop your babas {pacifiers, yes, we still haven't kicked that one yet} Abby.
Big hugs and cuddles with the demands of My milk!

Then the true morning chaos begins.
Diaper change
Changing of clothes
Teeth brushing
Hair brushing
Last minute dash for books
Along with several reminders to do the above over and over again as then never got done the first time.

This time, this brief, beautiful very often frustrating time is short lived.
The need to repeat things over and over and over again will likely disappear or rather morph into different reminders. 
I know that soon the need for mom to warm up the milk will be gone.
The requests to help get socks on or hair brushing will vanish.
And vanish they should, as our goal is raise independent, responsible children that, God willing, will grow into adults.

I want to record these memories, this time is as fleeting as it is powerful.
As much as I say, I will remember this time, how could I not, I also know that it goes so quickly that in retrospect it seems like a blurry whirlwind.
A beautiful, frantic, frustrating, blurry whirlwind, that I am happy to call mine.


  1. okay. 1st thought.

    I LOVE YOUR NEW DESIGN! GREAT JOB! DId you do it? or get someone else?

    what a great idea for keeping memories. I was just thinking the other day that I need to get on TOP of my kids' photo books. I'm HORRIBLE....HORRID.....JUST HORRID keeping up with their baby books! :(

    That was something I was so excited about.

  2. Hey friend! it's been a while. I love the new design update! Very cute and very fresh! Ah memories. Can never seem to capture enough of them.