Friday, February 17, 2012


life rearranged

Holy smokes, it's Friday!
My days seem off since the girls didn't have school yesterday, today or Monday.
Wednesday was our Friday.
Yep, my days are off again!

This was the girls on Valentine's Day.
The little two were freshly bathed and they looked so happy to be sitting together.
Sigh, if only it were always like that.
A girl can dream, can't she?

If a Weeble Wobble falls in the woods does it make a sound?
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
But seriously you guys, the Weeble Wobble fell down.
I didn't think that was supposed to happen.
I mean, their jingle says that it doesn't.

I have been wanting to try Poutine Fries for evah.
Little did I know that a new burger place in town has them.
Let me tell ya, they were everything that I had hoped they would be.
I think I need more of them.

Ainsley gave herself a Valentine as well as her classmates.
I'm not sure if you can tell on the picture or not, but homegirl wrote her own name.
At her parent/teacher conference Wednesday night her teacher told us that she has been asking to not trace the letters anymore since before Christmas.

This was our dining room table getting set up for our V-day dinner.
The girls were so excited about all of the red and blue as well as using their heart plates.
It was fun decorating.

We. had. snow.
Had being the operative word.
Yes, 99.99999% of it is gone BUT we had it.
The girls were beyond excited to make snow angels and have snowball fights.
For once I am actually hoping that the magical, powdery dust will make another appearance.

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