Friday, February 3, 2012


It's Friday!
Well, at this time, Friday is *almost* over, I am ready for this weekend!
Head on over to Life. Rearranged and share all of those cell phone pics from the week.
life rearranged

Tea party time!
Ainsley got this sweet little tea set for Christmas from my mom and the girls love having tea parties!
My Little Ponies even got an invite FA-N-CY!

I didn't even know this picture was on my phone until I was picking out pics for this post.
I think that Adison took it the other night.
I love how the distorted me looks like I have a duck bill, awesome.

Ainsley is growing up FAST!
Her teacher sends home these worksheet packets for the kids to work on and Ainsley loves them.
She likes doing her "work".
She can now identify a bunch of letter and it is flooring me.

This was my photo for February 1st #febphotoaday
This is my view.
Toys, Happy Nappers, baby doll strollers and books.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

These were our fortunes from out fortune cookies the other night.
They were some of the most interesting ones I have ever seen.
I think the first and last were my absolute favs.

My girl LOVES to read.
Our pediatrician's office has a drawer in each exam room with books in it.
She was all. over. that.


  1. Very cute fortunes!! The first one IS awesome!

  2. Danna your new blog layout looks great! I love it! Happy weekend!

  3. I love the fortunes, especially the last one! :D