Monday, February 13, 2012

Guess what we got????


I was so excited to see snow this morning.
This is the first real snow that we have gotten ALL winter.
Now, no, I'm normally not excited at all for snow, but we needed to have at least one good snow this year.

After dropping Adison off at school, I took the little girls out front to play while we waited for baby B to come over.

The girls chased each other around, jumping on steps and over things.
They "walked" as Abby called it, on the snow and played follow the leader.

Finally Ainsley was able to do her long-awaited, much-anticipated snow angle.
She has been so ready to do one all winter.

Ainsley showered Abby with sisterly love {she helped her get her glove back on} and quite a few snowballs.

Ainsley threw snowballs at the tree, "I'm shooting it Mommy, it's called an action shot."
Abby on the other hand was busy cleaning the snow off of other trees and the neighbor's front steps.
Yay for snow!!!


  1. Littles make snow so much more magical, don't they?! Looks like the girls had a blast!!!

    I cannot believe this is the first real snow you've had all year!! Insane! I thought we hadn't had a lot of snow..but we've had snow since just before Christmas...not TONS..but still! Enjoy it while it lasts! :)

    1. It was so magical...while it lasted. Yep, it's mostly gone, now just mud. Bleh.

      I can't believe it either, we have had next to now snow. This was the first with any accumulation. Wow, you guys have had snow for a long time! I'm hoping that we will get at least one more good snow before winter is over. :)

  2. Snow is fun stuff with the kiddos! Now I'd gladly give you some of ours here in CO. I think when we moved here we brought alllll of Ohio's snow with us. I have to say tho, it is much, much more sunny here in CO than Ohio... that's a BIG bonus :)

    1. It is so much fun with them! They had a blast playing and I loved hearing their laughter and joy. I heard that you guys in CO got slammed with snow. I can't believe how much! Yes, I would much rather have a lot of sunshine, dealing with the snow then would be a-okay. :)