Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Funny

The Good: my blog re-design!!! Val over at all things chula completed this gorgeous look for me. Isn't it amazing!?! If you are wanting a new look for you blog I strongly suggest Val, she was a delight to work with and I couldn't be happier with the results. So. stinkin'. cute. Adison had a med check today and it went swimmingly, all is well on that front. We have had gorgeous weather around here, simply lovely. K roasted and ground some new coffee for me and it is muy bueno.

The Bad: I have had an off and on headache for almost a week now. Seriously ouch, the kind where taking some medicine, eating, sleeping...basically nothing can get it to go away until it decides to. My sinuses and I need to have a chat I think.
The Funny: On Tuesday, Ainsley came home in a mood. She tossed her jacket on the floor and was just mopey. When I asked her to pick up her jacket and put it away she responded by saying, "I can't Mommy, I'm stressed."
Yesterday afternoon I was in the kitchen and the little girls came running in, Ainsley jumped out in front of Abby and scared her. When I asked Ainsley why she would do that she responded by saying, "But Mommy, it's an action shot!" 
Where in the world she came up with either of these is simply beyond me!
Abby's new phrases is "never ever". The funny thing about it is that she uses it correctly. She told me yesterday, "I've never ever seen it before"

How about you?
How did your week go???


  1. I laugh and laugh at your Ainsley. I really think she and I would get along famously. LOL. I am glad Adison is doing so well on the meds, they help some kids out so much! The ability to focus is amazing!