Friday, December 16, 2011

It's our anniversary *11 years*

11 years ago I married my best friend.
It was freezing, so darn cold I could not believe it.
We had some had-been-scary-turned-funny-moments and truly a beautiful day. 

Okay, so, I had been planning on doing a sweet, heartfelt post.
But then, I thought of how our morning went and I thought that I would share a real "us" kind of post.
K and I tend to be goofy people {I know, you're shocked!}
We have little things that we just do, you know, jokes, movie quotes...
Anyways, whenever it is our anniversary we sing a certain song, kind of a silly running joke.
The funny thing, is that I don't even remember listening to this song when I was younger, although K told me this morning that he had the tape.
Yes, I realize how much that sentence dates us.

This morning, to wake him up, I decided to google our anniversary song and surprise him with it, because who doesn't want to wake up to some awesome like this:

In true Kirk fashion, he popped open one eye, looked at me and for the millionth time proclaimed
You're weird.
At least I'm consistent, right?

Happy Anniversary Babe, I love you!


  1. Ha! Love it!

    Look at you! GORGEOUS! Happy anniversary, guys! <3

  2. Happy anniversary! You guys are such a sweet and funny couple!

  3. Nice post thanks for sharing...happy holidays..blessings soraya

  4. Happy Anniversary K and Danna! I wish you many more happy wonderful years!