Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hey Sunday, what's up?

Ainsley had been battling a cold for about four days and seemed to be on the mend.
Abby on the other hand, had just come down with it and was MISERABLE!
Friday morning, Lee seemed so much better, so I sent her on her merry way to school while the oh-so-sick-one and I stayed home and had a chill morning.
Lee hoped off the bus, had her shoes and coat off, and was on the couch within about 30 seconds of walking in the door.
Not normal.
She then started complaining of her left ear hurting.
I knew what that meant, we were going to the doctor.

For the two hours until her appointment, Lee lay on the couch with a heating pad on low on her ear complaining of an earache. 
I woke poor, sick Abby up from her nap early to head to go see Dr. C.

Upper respiratory infections for both and the beginning of an ear infection for Lee.
In one word I can explain how they both felt...miserable.

On Saturday I started feeling sick but not too awful.
Lee  was MUCH better and Abby was still about the same.
Last night after dinner K and I were talking.
There have been a lot of things going on lately and I really feel like a certain someone {Satan} is trying to steal my Christmas joy.
Last year, due to what I now know was depression, Christmas was a bit rough for me.
I enjoyed watching my children enjoy it, but for me it was a rough time.
Due to some meds, I have such a better outlook on this year {Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday} and was so looking forward to this year.
Like I said though, things just keep piling up and are threatening to completely overwhelm me.
I can feel it trying to take over and I am trying to shake it.
I am trying to ground myself in Christ and really give this all to Him because I really want to worship and celebrate this season, Christ's birth.
I ended up going to bed early last night, I just couldn't keep my eyes open, and got a wonderful night's sleep.
Today I am feeling so much better.
I think that devoting some extra time in the Word will help tremendously.
I woke up last night when K came to bed and he has caught what the girls have.

As I have mentioned before, K is a severe asthmatic.
I see breathing treatments and steriods in our future.
Would you please pray for him?
Thanks you guys!

Today, I am thinking about making some homemade pizza and trying to decide what yummy treats we should bake when it gets a bit closer to Christmas.
Decisions decisions.
These though are the fun kinds to make, ha ha!
How has your weekend gone?
What is your favorite kind of cookie?

Our Christmas must have are butter balls, yum-o!

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